Use social media, online resources to raise awareness of CEW

Support Campus Equity Week by using online resources and social media to raise awareness about the week, its issues and its events.

Here are some simple actions you can take:

On Facebook

on Twitter

  • Follow Campus Equity Week on Twitter and retweet our tweets. Tweet about CEW events and actions at your campus using theIAmMargaretM copy hashtag #cew2013 and #iammargaretmary.
  • Wear scarlet or red on Wednesday, Oct. 30, during Campus Equity Week and ask your Twitter followers to do the same.
  • Here are some sample tweets written by the NEA that you can customize for your Twitter account:

    Help improve #adjunct faculty working conditions via @CampusEquityWk #CEW2013 #u1 @NEAToday

    Join NEA & @CampusEquityWk to draw awareness to appalling working conds of #highered contingent faculty #CEW2013

    #Highered adjunct fac working conditions are students’ learning conditions. Join @CampusEquityWk and improve them #CEW2013

    DYK students of color, hi-pov & student #vets more likely to be taught by adjunct faculty members w. no job security?  #CEW2013 #unions

    Stand up for #adjunct justice and their students. Join @CampusEquityWk at because #IamMargaretMary.

    #Highered adjunct faculty deserve economic justice, academic equity. Stand with us #CEW2013

    How does a #highered faculty member have office hours with no office? #Adjuncts deserve academic equity. #CEW2013

    What kind of #highered prof doesn’t have access to the campus library? Adjuncts get organized, now. #unions #CEW2013

    DYK 70% of @Comm_College, 49% overall #highered fac are contingent: not making living wage/benefits?  #CEW2013 @garyrhoades

    No Surprise Here! #Union #adjunct #highered faculty earn more. See pg 10 #CEW2013

  • Take photos of adjunct faculty or others wearing CEW T-shirts, and buttons, then post your photos.

on tumblr

on email

  • Include a simple line about Campus Equity Week in the signature line of your emails: October 28 – November 2 is Campus Equity Week. Learn more at


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