Wearing the Scarlet ‘A’

Wear red on Wednesday, Oct. 30, to support adjunct faculty and Campus Equity Week. View other cartoons we have licensed for our site: Plasma-Mart Higher Education Hierarchy (simplified with cats) President’s Address Pie Slices Don’t be a pirate! For information on licensing the above cartoon for your website, newsletter or presentation, please contact cartoonist Matthew Hall at matt@matthewhenryhall.com.

Campus Equity Week in the news

Campus Equity Week is getting coverage in the media — and more is coming from several national media outlets. Links to coverage we have seen so far are below. You can also find additional links to media coverage of adjunct equity issues nationwide on our News page. Akron Beacon Journal. One-man play highlights perils of college debt;[…]

Con Job, a new documentary about adjuncts

Watch the trailer for the new documentary Con Job: Stories of Adjunct and Contingent Labor by producers and directors Megan Fulwiler and Jennifer Marlow. And read the Q&A with them in All Over Albany. A showing of this film is just one of many events planned nationwide for Campus Equity Week. http://vimeo.com/44330308  

More Campus Equity Week events added

Eighteen new Campus Equity Week events were added to our Event Listing today. They range from LGBT wedding receptions to a forum on equity, a panel on student debt, more showings of FOR PROFIT, and a viewing of “Citizen Koch.” Check them out and post yours.

Stand up. Speak out. Organize.

75 percent of higher education faculty working on contingent contracts Student debt totaling $1.4 trillion Poverty level wages for campus workers and college graduates Corporatized “reform” for college Race and gender inequities in student access to higher ed and in academic labor Join us to fight for quality and equality in higher education: organize local actions[…]