Singing the Adjunct Blues

John Manning of the University of Pittsburgh sings “The Adjunct Blues.”

I got the adjunct blues and I got ’em the hard way
Teaching for the university, working for low pay
And we’re getting robbed…yeah robbed
We’re getting robbed
We got the adjunct blues.

One thought on “Singing the Adjunct Blues

  • John….A nice job! You have said much about the life of an adjunct…Two things stand out….
    LOW PAY…We pick up the tab for the extravagances of the administration and the tenured faculty.
    NO JOB SECURITY…We can be “fired,” “terminated,” “non renewed” for a good reason, a bad reason or no reason at all. The latter two are usually reality.
    I once did an article for our campus publication entitled “VIRTUE IS ITS OWN REWARD: THE CASE OF THE FULL TIME LECTURER AT ________________.” That was in 2004. I wrote the first draft on a trans- Atlantic flight from Prague to Chicago. It went through three more drafts.
    We are good teachers in our chosen field. We have to be if we are to have a chance to remain in our profession. Some are patient sufferers. Some speak out. I state my own opinion. There is very little that I am neutral about.
    It seems like we are both “Whistle Blowers.”
    Not too long ago, one nice student said to me, “Dr. Le Jeune, I didn’t know you were an adjunct. I thought you were a regular prof. ” I answered, “I never did say what I was. You are either a teacher or you are not. There is no place for labels.”

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