Show FOR PROFIT on your campus

As part of its contribution to Campus Equity Week 2013, the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education has sponsored the filming of :

The film version of the performance is being offered for screening at college campuses and other venues around the country exclusively during the week of October 28-November 2.

The play

The play provides a wonderful opportunity for students, faculty, staff and community members to discuss a wide range of current issues in higher education—not just the for-profit college industry, but also the broader “for profit” mindset towards higher education today that is behind so many problems facing us, our students, and our society’s educational future.

the panel

An important component of the performance — and the element that draws attention to the plight of adjunct or contingent faculty — is the panel discussion that follows each performance. With a contingent faculty member included as one of the panelists, audience members get an inside look at how the working conditions of the new faculty majority affect the learning conditions on their campus.

For more information on sponsoring this event on your campus or in your community, contact:

Promote the showing

Download the FOR PROFIT Promotion Poster, which is designed so you can print it and customize it by hand with the specific time, date and location of the showing of FOR PROFIT on your campus. We also suggest adding this tagline underneath the title before you make copies:

A Solo-Play about the 1 TRILLION DOLLAR STUDENT DEBT CRISIS & the Exploitation of the American College Student.

prepare for the showing

To prepare for the showing on your campus, download:

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