Roadrunners Virtual Meetup today at noon

Southwest #Adjuncts are invited to #Roadrunners Virtual #CEW2013 Meetup, Nov. 1, noon – 1 p.m. CT

States: Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

Tenacious Texans, Necessary Magnificent New Mexicans, Amazing Arizonians tumblr_inline_mvai6v9g5H1rehvkmand any other states who want to join us, too, be it the central south, the prairie states, the deep deep south: welcome one and all. Let’s talk about True Tall Texas Adjunct Tales, astounding Arkansas adjunct anecdotes, or even yes, nefarious, mincing missives from and about our very own New Mexico Adjuncts. And are there any from Oklahoma, you’re ok? Might the objective Okie Cats want to join & jam? Please revel in the fun and laughter and tears, as we celebrate #CEW2013. More info.

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