NEA Campus Equity Flyer (In the NEA Tool Kit)

NEA Campus Equity Flyer (In the NEA Tool Kit)

Background Information
On Campus Equity Week

Campus Equity Week is an annual event started by the Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor, a grassroots coalition of activists in North America working for contingent faculty: adjunct, part-time, non-tenured, and graduate teaching faculty working to bring greater awareness to the precarious situation for contingent faculty in higher education, organize for action, and build solidarity among our colleagues. Read more on background of Campus Equity Week here.



Using Social Media To Raise Awareness


  • Make the CEW logo your profile picture on social media
  • Follow our Campus Equity Week on Facebook
  • Share photos of adjunct activism on your page or share them with us on Campus Equity Week
  • Follow and share photos and information with NEA Higher Ed
  • Wear scarlet or red during Campus Equity Week and ask others to do the same


  • Follow Campus Equity Week on Twitter
  • Tweet and retweet Campus Equity Week events and updates
  • Hashtags for 2015 include #CEW2015 and #Campus Equity
  • Wear scarlet or red during Campus Equity Week and ask others on Twitter to do the same



  • Include a simple line about Campus Equity Week in the signature line of your emails:
    October 26 – October 30 is Campus Equity Week. Learn more at


  • Sign and share a petition
  • Blog for Campus Equity Week, and share your blog with CEW
  • Share your local event with Campus Equity Week so we can promote and support your actions
  • Share the Campus Equity Week resource page with others

Charitable Supporters

Links Of Interest

Scarlet Letter


Film Media

Professors In Poverty

We are proud to announce that Brave New Films is launching a documentary on contingent labor in higher ed. We are excited about their contribution to public discourse on adjunct issues, and anticipate the release of their pending film. View the trailer for Professors In Poverty below!

Barbara Wolff’s A Simple Matter Of Justice

Barbara Wolff’s A Simple Matter Of Justice focuses on actions being taken to change the working conditions of the faculty members, and gives thorough insight to the working conditions, equity issues, and conditions that have lead to the current adjunct crisis. Watch the whole series here, or check out the 30 minute introduction below.

Con Job, Stories of Adjunct and Contingent Labor

Show Screening of FOR PROFIT on your campus

As part of its contribution to Campus Equity Week 2013, the Campaign for the b5bfb0_1e74ff18171e757cef9b64ae9ba8b99e.jpg_srz_197_107_75_22_0.50_1.20_0Future of Higher Education  sponsored the filming of :

The film version of the performance was offered for screening at college campuses and other venues around the country exclusively during the week of October 28-November 2, 2013.

The play provided a wonderful opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and community members to discuss a wide range of current issues in higher education—not just the for-profit college industry, but also the broader “for profit” mindset towards higher education today that is behind so many problems facing us, our students, and our society’s educational future.

If you are interested in incorporating dramatic performance into any campus actions, Aaron Calafato is available for consultation and to perform both “For Profit” and other works.  Contact him at