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the indiVISIBLE cAmpus


The NFM National Arts Project is envisioned as an ongoing collective campaign that will ground future activism related to the contingent academic labor movement firmly in the fine arts. Our goal is to make visible the story of the academic contingent equity movement in ways that will successfully contend for space in the public imagination.

Activists may participate in the arts project on any campus in diverse ways that will engage local viewers/participants while still resonating with the national theme.

CEWArtsProject3Frames2The indiVISIBLE cAmpus theme emphasizes the inextricable roles of the largely invisible contingent faculty within the institutions and the educational experience of students.

  • Making visible the faces and the working lives of the majority of the faculty who teach college and university courses today (the Scarlet A for “Adjunct”)
  • Making visible the disparity in commitment that institutions have in workers, vs. the commitment workers have
  •  Making visible the dignity of higher education’s lifeblood, its faculty
  • Making visible the fact that “students’ learning conditions depend upon faculty working conditions” (the historical theme of CEW)
  • Making visible the connections between the Q in eQuity and the Q in Quality and the Q in Questioning the current practices of the university and in Questioning to learn
  • Making inequity visible, including the hidden economics of the university today

Increasing the visibility of contingent faculty and acknowledging their essential role in higher education emphasizes the relationship between faculty and students.

A Unifying Visual Motif

A visual motif has been designed to unify the national campaign.  We believe this unifying symbol signifying the indivisble campus, designed by Jennie Shanker of the United Academics of Philadelphia in consultation with NFM leaders, will connect the national arts project’s various creations, enactments, events and displays at every site, and it will resonate with students, faculty, other campus workers and community members alike.  The different versions of the iconic graphic design can be downloaded (see below), custom-scaled, reproduced, and incorporated into a variety of PR materials.

Click on the images and links below to access and display artwork on your campus or on social media.



CEW Campus Equity Poster; 11″x17″; 150dpi

To download a PDF of the 11″ x 17″ Campus Equity Poster, click below:



CEW indiVISIBLE cAmpus; 8.5″x11″; 150dpi

To download a PDF of the CEW indiVISIBLE cAmpus flier, click below:



CEW Campus Equity Ace Card; 8.5″x11″; 150dpi

To download a PDF of the CEW Campus Equity Ace Card graphic, click below:

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We urge activist artists/storytellers to shift from the discourse of complaint about unjust treatment of faculty to a critique of a corrupted and unsustainable system that hurts all of society.  The university is selling the public short.  The university is running out of gas. The university is like an economy running on migrant labor.  The possibilities for metaphors, images, and creativity are almost endless.

Want to Incorporate Art Into Your CEW Activities?

For a list of suggested projects and actions, click here.


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