Campus Equity Week 2013 Archives: Petitions

Support Campus Equity Week by signing and sharing petitions that support equity for contingent faculty and taking other action. Here are links to petitions:

Justice Rather Than Charity for Adjuncts Petition

A petition launched by students, adjuncts and affiliates of Duquesne University in the wake of Margaret Mary Vojtko’s death, adjunct professor of French at Duquesne.

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Better Pay for Adjuncts: Stop our Exploitation Petition

A petition to be submitted to Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education, and President Barack Obama demand better salaries for the underpaid and undervalued adjuncts, the contingency labor force that teaches most of the imperative core classes students need in order to succeed in today’s competitive academic climate.

Mayday Declaration on contingency in higher education

The Mayday Declaration on Contingency in Higher Education is part of the national Mayday $5K! campaign that was launched in the spring of 2013. Its goal is to ensure educational quality, fairness and equity by improving the wages and working conditions of all contingent faculty in higher education.

Interfaith Worker Justice’s petition

Calling on Dusquesne, Manhattan, St. Xavier, and Pacific Lutheran to end their campaign against academic workers.

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  • Part-timers should be treated with justice. Making health care and other benefits available to them is something that should be a national priority, especially for those who work for multiple employers cobbling together full-time schedules for part-time pay.

  • Just to say, this is a great site and let’s all do our best-which basically means our loudest, at this point–for CEW 2013.

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