Advocates from around the state met in Columbus for an Ohio Higher Education Campus Equity Week Summit.

Advocates from around the state met in Columbus for an Ohio Higher Education Campus Equity Week Summit.

Welcome to Campus Equity Week, 2015!

This year, campus equity week comes hot on the heels of the first National Walk Out Day, which gained media attention and participation from adjuncts nationwide. As we prepare to launch our latest CEW, we are excited about the direction our collective, national activism has taken us in our work to elevate the profile of adjunct and faculty equity issues.

Big News for Adjunct Activism!

NFM and its allies have a Congressional briefing set for Monday, October 26, 2015. Every member of Congress has been invited to attend this briefing, which kicks off Campus Equity Week 2015 on Monday, October 26 at 2pm in Washington DC. Click here for more details and to find out what you can do to participate.

CEW 2015: National Action

New Faculty Majority  hopes to coordinate a few targeted national actions, while activists around the country plan events and actions at the local and campus level. Stay tuned to follow events as they are announced and develop. Check back with the CEW website for updated resources and information.

Click here to participate in the current 2015 New Faculty Majority Back to School Survey for contingent educators.

Suggested Themes for National Action

Participate on your campus. Connect and show solidarity with a nationwide network of contingent educators, students and their allies by participating in these suggested themes for national action.


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Monday: Mobilize!

Contact your representative to attend or follow-up on the congressional briefing with New Faculty Majority on adjunct working conditions.

Tuesday: Tweet/Teach-In!

Share your story on campus and on social media.

Wednesday: Wear Scarlet!

Scarlet, and the red A, have risen as symbols of equity for adjunct faculty.

Thursday: Thank You!

Thank activists and their allies working for change. Highlight examples of courage and ethical practice. Follow CEW @CampusEquityWk and like us on Facebook. #CEW2015 #CampusEquity

Friday: Forward Motion!

Keep campus equity a year-round event. Participate in national and local campaigns to achieve the goals of equality and quality in higher education.

CEW 2015: Local Action

Do you have a local or campus action or even that you’d like to promote? Please let us know! We’d love to include an announcement of your event and also feature coverage of real actions being taken nationwide by contingent educators, students, and their allies. Visit our Local & Campus Event Listings page to share your event, or contact us directly if you’d like us to feature your materials here.

Colorado State University

CSU has a vibrant, dynamic Campus Equity Week planned that includes pop-up classes, round table discussions, book talks (Michael Bérubé’s & Jennifer Ruth’s Humanities, Higher Ed. & Academic Freedom), movie screenings (the film Con-Job, as seen on our Resources page), and guest speakers. Click here to read more on CSU’s week of action.
CSU’s brochure and series of events
CSU’s guest speaker flier
CSU’s book club flier
CSU’s round table flier
CSU’s campus equity fact sheet

San Diego Mensa College

Presentations and discussion on campus equity issues at 12:45-2:30 PM, Monday through Thursday, in room H-117.
Read more about Mensa’s CEW events here, at The Mensa Press, “Equality Week Promotes Truth About Adjuncts.”

Looking for more?

Click here to access our live local events page, updated as local organizations and activists list their events with the CEW site.

Equality Now!



OPTFA Co-Chair April Freely at the 2013 CEW Ohio Higher Ed Coalition Summit Meeting in Columbus

Wondering what you can do to support and participate in Campus Equity Week? Besides checking in regularly to see what events are happening in your backyard, here are some helpful suggestions on how you can take action.

COCAL Montréal

COCAL Montréal

CEW Archives

Click here to access the Campus Equity Week archives

NFM, NEA Campus Equity Week 2015 Planning Webinar

As a part of our efforts to solicit input and coordinate with adjuncts and activists nationwide, New Faculty Majority held a webinar hosted by NEA (National Education Association) on September 9, 2015.  Click here to listen to the CEW 2015 planning webinar.