CEW Merchandise Now Available from Ethix Merch

Campus Equity Week Merchandise NFM is proud to partner with Ethix Merch, an ethically sourced/union-supportive promotional merchandise company. UPDATE: The NFM Ethix Merch store is now closed to insure there would be time for delivery by Oct. 23. In the near future, the NFM store will be open all year round, offering merchandise available for purchase. Campus Equity[…]


CEW Planning Webinar Recording Now Available

If you were not able to participate in the Sept. 9 CEW planning webinar, the recording is available at this link:  http://neaorg.adobeconnect.com/p7kzyuh2ci5/ At that link you will also be able to download the Powerpoint  that was presented as well as the recorded message from Jennie Shanker, co-coordinator of NFM’s National Arts Project.

CEW2015FAV (2)

Campus Equity Week 2015: October 26-30

CEW 2015 planning is underway! This year NFM hopes to coordinate a few targeted national actions while activists around the country, building on the success of past CEWs, most recently CEW 2013, and National Adjunct Walkout Day 2015, plan events and actions at the local and campus level. This site will continue to provide resources and information,[…]

Take Action: Support Campus Equity Week

Here are some simple things you can do to raise awareness about equity issues on your campus. You can also download this information as a handout from our Tool Kit page. Wear scarlet or red on Wednesday, Oct. 30, during Campus Equity Week. Use social media and online resources to raise awareness of CEW. Post[…]

Use social media, online resources to raise awareness of CEW

Support Campus Equity Week by using online resources and social media to raise awareness about the week, its issues and its events. Here are some simple actions you can take: On Facebook Make the CEW logo your profile picture on social media. Follow our Campus Equity Week Facebook Event page. Take photos of adjunct faculty or others wearing[…]

Stand up. Speak out. Organize.

75 percent of higher education faculty working on contingent contracts Student debt totaling $1.4 trillion Poverty level wages for campus workers and college graduates Corporatized “reform” for college Race and gender inequities in student access to higher ed and in academic labor Join us to fight for quality and equality in higher education: organize local actions[…]