Congressional Briefing Set For October 26, 2015

Congressional Briefing Set For October 26, 2015 Every member of Congress has been invited to attend this briefing, which kicks off Campus Equity Week 2015 on Monday, October 26 at 2pm in Washington DC.  Please help us to inform and educate our elected representatives about the imperative to address the contingent faculty crisis by calling and e-mailing[…]

Adjunct advocacy in D.C. today

There is a confluence of adjunct advocacy in Washington, D.C. today. Here’s what’s happening: The House Committee on Education and the Workforce Democratic Staff released its report on contingent faculty in higher education, “The Just-In-Time Professor,” the result of Rep. George Miller’s (D-Calif.) e-Forum that collected stories from 845 adjunct faculty in 41 states. Inside Higher Ed[…]

Brecht, agitprop theater & #cew2013

In honor of Campus Equity Week 2013 Chicago adjuncts took to the streets with a hat tip to Brecht and agitprop theater in a piece called the “Hallelujah, I’m A Bum Flash Mob,” held Nov. 2 at The Horse. Cast:  Accordion/vocals: Brianne Bolin (Chicago adjunct & activist) Acting/vocals: Frank Ehrmann (Occupy Rogers Park) Acting/vocals: John G.[…]

Campus Equity Week in the news, on the blogs, on the Web

media coverage Huffington Post. Unethical Academia: The Next Front for Low-Wage Worker Uprising?, Oct. 17, 2013. Co-authored by Maria Maisto, president, New Faculty Majority Times Union. Campus Notebook: RPI adjunct ‘was like being a volunteer‘, Oct. 17, 2013. Yahoo Finance. Campus Equity Week Events Raise Awareness: Poor Faculty Working Conditions Headline Issues Affecting Quality of Higher Education, Oct. 22,[…]

Students stage “Thriller” flashmob at NU

United Students Against Sweatshops is supporting adjunct faculty across the country with the organization’s HALLO-WEEK OF ACTION! Their actions included a flashmob at Northeastern University, where about a dozen students performed an adjunct version of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” on the library quad. They are members of the Empower Adjuncts Student Coalition. USAS members also staged a Halloween-costumed sit-in outside[…]

Roadrunners Virtual Meetup today at noon

Southwest #Adjuncts are invited to #Roadrunners Virtual #CEW2013 Meetup, Nov. 1, noon – 1 p.m. CT States: Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas Tenacious Texans, Necessary Magnificent New Mexicans, Amazing Arizonians and any other states who want to join us, too, be it the central south, the prairie states, the deep deep south: welcome one and[…]

More from CEW bloggers

The latest blog posts for Campus Equity Week are below. You can read earlier posts too. APSCUF. Campus Equity Week: Attitudes Matter, Oct. 29, 2013 APSCUF. Campus Equity Week 2013: Stand Up. Speak Out. Organize. Oct. 28, 2013 The Unarmed Education Mercenary. Civil Disobedience and Campus Equity Week, Oct. 28, 2013 Ohio AAUP. What You Need to[…]

Blogging for Campus Equity Week

Recent blog posts in support of Campus Equity Week include an historical piece by Joe Berry, “Campus Equity Week, Contingent Faculty’s First Try at a National Strategic Action,” on the Acadame Blog and more. Union Fever. OPERATION BOOKMARK: A roaring success, Oct. 22, 2013 Hyprid Pedagogy. Not a Scarlet Letter: Talking with Students about Being an Adjunct, Oct.[…]