Stand up. Speak out. Organize.

75 percent of higher education faculty working on contingent contracts
Student debt totaling $1.4 trillion
Poverty level wages for campus workers and college graduates
Corporatized “reform” for college
Race and gender inequities in student access to higher ed and in academic labor

Join us to fight for quality and equality in higher education: organize local actions that advance our national campaign.

For more information, contact Craig Flanery, National Coordinator, New Faculty Majority Campus Equity Week, at    Browse the archive of past Campus Equity Week sites: 2001200320052007.

2 Responses to Stand up. Speak out. Organize.

  1. We are posting events as they come in. Events are listed by date and .

  2. Hello,
    What events are going on in the NYC area? I am currently a part-time adjunct professor in that area.

    Thank you for your time and resources!