Students telling students about the injustice and misallocation of resources represented by the misuse and abuse of contingent labor at the University of Cincinnati. — with Kate Beltramo and Dylan Forster.

Students Kate Beltramo and Dylan Forster at the University of Cincinnati educating others about faculty inequity and by  misuse and abuse of contingent labor at their institution.

What Is Campus Equity Week?

Campus Equity Week is an annual event started by the Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor, a grassroots coalition of activists in North America working for contingent faculty: adjunct, part-time, non-tenured, and graduate teaching faculty working to bring greater awareness to the precarious situation for contingent faculty in higher education, organize for action, and build solidarity among our colleagues.

Since it was first organized in 1999, Campus Equity Week’s diverse organizing committees have sought to offer a voice to faculty nation wide. Although support for national coordination has fluctuated through the years, Campus Equity Week remains a vital annual event, raising awareness and fighting to progress the issues faced by contingent educators through the United States, and partnering with activism worldwide. Currently, New Faculty Majority, partnered with COCAL and our generous sponsors, have been active in promoting, coordinating and arranging events for Campus Equity Week.

By offering a virtual headquarters where people can find information, resources, colleagues and communities committed to campaigning for quality through equality in higher education, organizers hope to support efforts both nationwide and locally.

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Recent Adjunct Activism in the News

In February 2015, many contingent faculty and allies participated in “National Adjunct Walkout Day.”  We applaud the activism that drove that effort and invite participants to keep the momentum going by helping us build Campus Equity actions going forward.

About This Site

This site is sponsored by New Faculty Majority and the NFM Foundation, affiliated national nonprofits dedicated to improving the quality of higher education by improving the working conditions of the majority of its faculty.

Our Call To Action

Campus Equity Week (CEW) is a week of education and activism that draws attention to the working conditions of faculty working on temporary, low-paid contracts, who now constitute the majority of college instructors.  These instructors work in insecure part- and full-time non-tenure track positions, usually subject to exploitative employment conditions.  CEW was originally devised by contingent faculty activists in 2001 in order to highlight the appalling working conditions of the majority of the faculty and the impact of those working conditions on the quality of education.  A central principle of CEW is that quality education depends practically and ethically on professional and just working conditions for all faculty. The crisis of contingent faculty employment at colleges and universities is at the core of the inequities that pervade  higher education.

Over the years, activists have planned rallies, teach-ins, marches, and conversations with policymakers.  They have staged artistic productions, held press conferences, and gotten op-eds published.  Use this site to plan activities, connect with other activists locally and nationally, and publicize your actions!

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Other Affiliated Actions & Organizations

  • Fair Employment Week in Canada
  • About New Faculty Majority: NFM is dedicated to improving the quality of higher education by advancing professional equity and securing academic freedom for all adjunct and contingent faculty. For this purpose, NFM engages in education and advocacy to provide economic justice and academic equity for all college faculty. NFM is committed to creating stable, equitable, sustainable, non-exploitative academic environments that promote more effective teaching, learning, and research
Campus Equity Week, San Francisco State University, 2013

Campus Equity Week, San Francisco State University, 2013


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